MTV Tr3s and Spanglish

Let’s talk about hybridity in terms of language. According to Kraidy, “…’hybridity’ refers mostly to culture, but retains residual meanings related to the three interconnected realms of race, language and ethnicity” (1). This definition is applicable to the bi-cultural music television program, MTV Tr3s, which fuses Latin American and American music, ideologies, entertainment, and language. This rich “racial intermixture” of communication reflects the history, geography, and linguistic diversity caused by globalizing cultures. The mixture of cultural vernacular is apparent in the program’s hosts, who choose to present videos, guests, and news in “Spanglish”.

I personally use Spanglish when talking to my mother’s side of the family (which is from Ecuador) because I am not fluent in Spanish. But Spanglish is also utilized because sometimes there are things in Spanish you can’t say in English, or vice versa. Also, sometimes Spanish phrases are plugged into the English lexicon without our knowledge: lasso, rodeo, etc. Some English words and phrases do the same to the Spanish lexicon: sexy, super, etc.

~Lisa-Anna Migliore